What is a high-performance team? A high performance team is the team that achieves a high level of results with great satisfaction and motivation of its members. Creating teams, integrated, motivated to a common and productive goal (a high-performance team) is one of the main priorities that companies have, especially at this moment when competition is so tough. Ezio Resort organizes teambuilding activities such as ATV rides, illusion shows, horseback riding, paintball, bungee jumping, paragliding, ballooning, mountaineering, snowmobile that will help your team become more efficient in order to achieve exceptional results.

Among the customers who have held events in our touristic complex are included:

ATV Tours

The ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or Quad is a small land vehicle for 1-2 people, with 4-6 wheels or with tracks. You can climb very steep slopes and walk through particularly bad areas of land. The ATV tours are one of the most enjoyable ways to get to know a location. Any mountain that has a plateau is a destination for ATV.

ATV tours are only available for groups and only when requested in advance. ATVs are brought to the platform by Ezio Resort collaborators.

Illusionism Shows

Paul Lungu is an artist who combines in a unique way the mysteries of illusionism with the good mood of humor. Paul Lungu’s performances are more than entertainment, they are experiences that people will attach to and talk about long after the evening is over. The show is an artistic, professional full of interaction, comedy and of course magic. Paul Lungu is a professional illusionist who had since childhood a love for illusionism and today he has arrived on the stages of Bucharest theaters, and not only. Glendale, Nottara Theater, Pod Theater, Bucharest Downtown, Bucharest City Challenge, Metropolis Casino, Aurum Casino, Belagio are some of the places where Paul Lungu has been seen so far. He also participated in a series of teambuilding and company parties, where he becamed a teacher through the “halts” of illusionism, teaching the participants some tricks.

Emotions will swing quickly, from suspense to laughter, from mystery to astonishment, and all the elements of the show will fill one night memorable that will always let the audience wander more.


Equestrian centers in Poiana Braşov and Râşnov offer you the possibility of practicing horse riding, participating in pleasant walks, wagon or sleigh rides in the splendid setting of Poiana Braşov and its surroundings in the Rasnov area. Routes start from Rasnov or Poiana Brasov. We can organize:

– Riding Initiation courses – 6 hours for young and adult learners. Duration: 1-2 hours / day.

–  Rides – with an attendant, with a duration of 1-3 hours, organized for advanced (price approx. 30RON hour / person).

–  Hiking trips – with an attendant, 4-5-6 hours of riding, on attractive itineraries in surrounding chalets. Breakfast at one of the stops – at Cheia or Postavarul chalets, Panoramic Restaurant (Tampa, Brasov), Bran Castle – according to the chosen itinerary. Groups of minimum 3 tourists. It is organized for experienced horsemen.

–  Carriage rides – up to 6 people – in the Poiana Braşov resort and its surroundings. Duration: 1-3 hours.

– Wagon rides – up to 10 people – in the Poiana Braşov resort and its surroundings. Duration: 1-3 hours.

– Sleigh rides – a group of 4 people – in Poiana Braşov and its surroundings. Duration: 15-60 minutes.


Paintball is an extreme game / sport, consisting in the simulated battle between two teams with special markers that launch balls with paint. The trial of a player’s shooting is a paint stain resulting from breaking the ball with paint, impacting the body. Beyond suspense, spectacularity, adrenaline discharge and fun, in accordance with the training objectives or the wishes of the participants, and thus the scenario and setting conditions, paintball offers the chance to develop and practice various abilities:

For the individual:
– dezvoltarea gândirii tactice și strategice

– enhancing inventiveness in finding solutions

– exercising independent action and as part of a team

For the team:
– increasing confidence in teammates and strengthening links (cohesion)
– stimulating teamwork and co-ordination
– integration of roles and individual assignments within the team and in the overall plan
– developing thought and strategic actions at the team level
– the action of the team under the authority of urgency and the pressure of emotions

Paintball activities are available only for groups and only if requested in advance

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is an extrem sport for those who want to experience extreme sensations. If you want to have an absolutely fantastic experience, you can try this sport in Romania with maximum safety in a very spectacular area. Reasons:
– 160m level difference (the highest installation in Europe)
– fall length: approx. 100m (depending on weight)
– approved installation
– lowest price / leap in Europe: 50 Euro

Paragliding Flight

The paraglider is a device that allows man to fulfill his dream of a lifetime: to fly. It follows:
– control of feelings
– risk analysis
– taking responsibility
– drive according to external factors

Tandem flying is a safe and enjoyable alternative for those who want to experience the emotions and feelings of a free flight without going through a long learning and training process. Unlike flying alone, flying in tandem requires only a briefing of about 10 minutes before you are in the air for the first time, and you don´t have to spend a whole day of training.

Balloon Flight

BALLOONING = hot air balloon flight. Elements: voile, nacelle, burner motor, gas cylinders, inflatable blower. Ascension with the balloon was the first man’s accomplishment in the struggle with gravity and the first fulfillment of a millenary dream: the flight. The world is different from the top: it’s at your feet! The heights cut your breath! The currents of freedom envelop you! The landscape leaves you speechless!
Flights will take place in Poiana Braşov and Bran for 1 hour – 1 hour and 20 minutes. During the flight, champagne will be served. It’s a great opportunity to admire the beauty of this area from above, being accompanied by music.

Flights will be made by an experienced commercial pilot, certified by F.A.A., United States. The persons in the balloon and their luggage are insured with the approval of C.A.A.


Climbing is a sport usually practiced on rocks of varying degrees of difficulty where the participant is assured both by teammates and by a specialized instructor. Climbing is done with top insurance. Is tested:
– taking risks and controlling feelings (fear of height)
– collective trust (assurance by teammates)
– the desire to reach the proposed goal (escalation of the peak)
– planning the action by taking into account external factors (resting places, support points)

Brasov area offers some very interesting climbing areas. We try to convince you that mountaineering and climbing sports wherever you practice will give you some special satisfaction. Winter climbs can be organized on ice water cascades.


A snowmobile, also known in some places as snowmachines or skimobiles, is a terrestrial vehicle driven by a single caterpillar and trailed front-wheel for handling. They are designed to operate on snow or on ice and require no road. Most snowmobiles are driven by a two-stroke engine, although four-stroke engines are becoming more and more popular.

Due to speed, maneuverability and acceleration, it requires skills and physical strength to control a snowmobile. Driving through a silver forest in a snowmobile provides an addictive adrenaline.

The landscape of the winter desert is just as magical as the stories that happen there, and the noise of the engine brings a whole new look to sink into it and leave you enveloped in adrenaline.

Other activities: Mountainbike, archery, application trails, various games related to teambuilding.

These activities are available only if they are requested in advance.

For more information about these activities, please contact: 0762 332056