In shape wherever you are!

Ezio Resort always cares about the welfare of its guests. This is why we invite you to discover our small Wellness area, consisting of a sauna, a fitness room and a chromotherapy room where you can relax and tonify after a busy day.

Sauna & Chromotherapy

Saunas have been used for hundreds of years and are still very popular today to relax and feel better, but they can bring us a number of additional benefits. Sauna helps us improve our circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease, is an ally against stress, helps us improve aerobic performance, tonify our skin, increase longevity, eliminate toxins and help us lose weight.

Chromotherapy is a method of harmonization widely used in beauty and wellness services and is a very effective treatment that helps the natural healing of certain pathologies through colors.

Fitness Room

If fitness has not absorbed you yet, as most young people have absorbed, perhaps knowing the benefits of going to the gym, both physical and mental, will help you get started. Exercise helps you improve your circulation, develops resistance, increases flexibility and memory, raises your interest in healthy eating, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces stress, improves physical and self-esteem, helps you to be more disciplined and socialize.